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Marry Her Anyway

Kate and Brody met on a blind date. They're not hideous, just grew tired of the bar scene. After a whirlwind few months of dating, Brody asks Kate to marry him during a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game. Well, he didn't exactly ask...he was hit by an errant hockey puck as he was about to ask. Not exactly how he'd planned, it's just the way it worked out. On their way to visit Kate's parents for the first time, she recalls a family tradition. She tells Brody he must ask her father for permission to get married. A family tradition her father takes very seriously. 

            Brody doesn't share enthusiasm for the custom, but agrees to do it for Kate. When Kate's father Walt refuses his request, Brody is stunned and forced to examine why. The way Brody sees it, he can try to change Walt's mind. If that should fail, he can ignore him and his ritual, and marry Kate anyway. 

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